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Green Books: Volume 6

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This page highlights the different editions of Volume 6.

The descriptions are a summary taken from the article, Bibliography of Green Books in Print, 1906-1985.

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Volume 6: 1st Edition

The philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic nerve tracing; a book of four sections. 1st ed. Bartlett Joshua Palmer. Davenport, IA: Palmer School of Chiropractic, 1911. illus.; photos; 789 pp. Volume 6 on spine. No Table of Contents. No Index. Frontpiece: B.J. Palmer, Mabel Heath Palmer.

This 1911 1st edition depicts nerve tracing based upon the Meric System. Tracings are illustrated from the physical cause to the effect and from the effect to the cause.

Chiropractic Nerve Tracing

The Philosophy Science and Art of Chiropractic Nerve Tracing

Different editions/printings: 1911.