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Green Books: Volume 18

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This page highlights the different editions of Volume 18.ptions are a summary taken from the article, Bibliography of Green Books in Print, 1906-1985.

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Volume 18: 1st Edition

The subluxation specific; the adjustment specific; and exposition of the cause of all disease. 1st ed. Bartlett Joshua Palmer. Davenport, IA: Palmer School of Chiropractic, 1934. illus.: photos; tables; 870 pp.Volume 18 on spine. No Table of Contents. No Index. Frontpiece: D.D. Palmer, B.J. Palmer, Dossa Evans. Printed by the PSC Printing Plant.

This 1934 1st edition applies chiropractic to the specific causes and cures of disease. Contents include definitions and material on chiropractic neurology, spinography, neurocalometry, atlas-axis subluxations, vertebral torque, and specific vertebral adjusting. This text, based on HIO adjusting, represents a major departure from the full-spine Meric System that B.J. Palmer had previously used.

The Subluxation Specific-The Adjustment Specific

The Subluxation Specific

Different editions/printings: 1934