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Green Books: Volume 4

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This page highlights the different editions of Volume 4.

The descriptions are a summary taken from the article, Bibliography of Green Books in Print, 1906-1985.

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Volume 4: 1st Edition

The science of chiropractic: causes localized. 1st ed. Bartlett Joshua Palmer. Davenport, IA: The Palmer School of Chiropractic, 1908. illus.; photos: 107, [108] pp. Volume 4 on spine. No Table of Contents. Index p. [108]. Advertisements pp. 84-107. Frontpiece: B.J. Palmer, Joy Loban.

This 1908 first edition gives a list of general diseases and conditions and corresponding vertebral areas of adjustment based upon the Meric System.

Volume 4: 1st Edition

The chiropractic adjuster: a compilation of the writing of D.D. Palmer. 1st ed. Bartlett Joshua Palmer. Davenport, IA: Palmer School of Chiropractic, 1921. 912 pp, Volume 4 on spine. No Table of Contents. No Index.

This 1921 1st edition contains material covered in D.D. Palmer's The Chiropractor's Adjustor, plus additional writings by D.D. Palmer on the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic and its relationship to health and disease. Included is information on anatomy, biology, Innate, the nervous system, nerve vibration, vertebral movement, adjusting, chiropractic analysis, and pathological conditions.

The Science of Chiropractic: Causes Localized

The Science of Chiropractic

Different editions/printings: 1908