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Green Books: Unnumbered Volumes

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This page highlights the unnumbered volumes.

The descriptions are a summary taken from the article, Bibliography of Green Books in Print, 1906-1985.

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Correlative Hygiene

Correlative chiropractic hygiene. Donald Otis Pharoah. Davenport, IA: Palmer School of Chiropractic, 1946. xii, 223 pp. No volume number. Table of Contents pp. vii-xii No Index. Glossary pp. 193-223.

This 1946 text gives a chiropractic concept of hygiene and includes information on personal, sexual, and social hygiene; pregnancy, bacteria, immunity, sterilization, parasites, viruses, lighting, air, heating, food, milk, water, sewage, industry, public health, demography, and death.

Textbook of the science, art, and philosophy of Chiropractic for Students

Textbook of the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic for students and practitioners. Daniel David Palmer. Portland, OR: Portland Printing House Company, 1910. illus.; 1007 pp. No volume number. No Table of Contents. Index pp. 986-1007. "The Chiropractor's Adjuster" on spine.

This 1910 text deals with the facts and principles on which chiropractic was founded. Included is information on chiropractic philosophy, development, analysis, adjustment, nerve force, temperature changes, neuropathy, vaccination, organs and disease, Innate, and osteopathy.

Correlative Chiropractic Hygiene

Correlative Chiropractic Hygiene

Different editions/printings: 1946.