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D.D. Palmer: Founder's Day

Page Overview

This page focuses on the resources about Founder's Day.

The materials are divided into audiovisual, posters, photographs and programs which document Founder's Day.

To see any of these materials, you can come visit our reading room, located on the 1st floor of the Davenport campus library.

Founder's Day

Founder's Day is a celebration at Palmer College of Chiropractic honoring D.D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic, and of the first adjustment he made in September 1895 on Harvey Lillard. 

Founder's Day has been celebrated for at least 100 years by Palmer and the wider chiropractic community. 


  • [1] Davenport Daily Times 1895
  • [18] Sketch of D.D. Palmer
  • [60] Ryan Building
  • [61] The First Chiropractic Adjustment
  • [375] Founder’s Day, 1994
  • [384] Harvey Lillard Portrait
  • [573] Founder’s Day Event, 2010
  • [Display Board] Founder’s Day, 1991
  • [Display Board] Founder’s Day, 1997 


Photographs in the archives on the following:

  • Harvey Lillard
  • D.D. Palmer
  • Founder’s Day Celebrations
  • Ryan Building


Program from Founder’s Day 1970 (Diamond Jubilee of Chiropractic)

Founder's Day Celebrations

Founder's Day celebration 1995

Founder’s Day celebrations during the Chiropractic Centennial, 1995. 

Founder's Day Resource Guide

This document is a summary of resources about D.D. Palmer, The 1st Adjustment and the discovery of chiropractic in honor of Founder's Day.

These resources are available at the Davenport Library campus and can be requested for inter-campus loan.