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D.D. Palmer: Authored by D.D.

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This page focuses on the works authored by D.D. Palmer.  

These are divided into books and articles which D.D. Palmer published.

To see any of these materials, you can come visit our reading room, located on the 1st floor of the Davenport campus library.

Journal Publications

The Magnetic Cure, No. 15, January 1896, p.1-4

The Chiropractic, No. 17, January 1897, p.1-4

The Chiropractic, No. 18, March 1897

The Chiropractic, No. 19, March 1899

The Chiropractic, No. 26, 1900, p.1-4

The Chiropractic, No. 29, 1902, p.1-4

D.D. Palmer

  Cover of

 This is the front cover of The Chiropractic (1899), a publication which documented D.D. Palmer's first patients and students.

The Chiropractic's main focus was "How to get well without using poisonous drugs."

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