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History of Animal Chiropractic: Introduction

Animal Chiropractic

Man Adjusting a Chimpanzee

Image of a man, possibily P.S.C. faculty, adjusting a chimp ca. 1940.

What is Animal Chiropractic?

D.D. Palmer adopted animal chiropractic which early on in the foundation of the chiropractic profession.

In his 1899 edition of The Chiropractic, D.D.  states that chiropractic is good for horses. Early on, it was argued animals have individual vertebral bones that subluxate and cause nerve pressure, and as such animals respond to chiropractic adjustments, just as humans do. At one point, a D.C.V. (Doctor of Chiropractic Veternary) was offered at the Palmer School as a qualification.

In March, 1976 the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association was initiated by John L. Stump. Animal Chiropractic is still practiced today.

D.C.V. Diploma

D.C.V. diploma

A blank Doctor of Chiropractic Veterinary (D.C.V.) diploma, once offered for a brief time at the Palmer School and Infirmary.

Doctor of Chiropractic Veterinary (D.C.V.)