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Journal clubs are an opportunity to practice critical appraisal and critical thinking skills, build awareness of current research, improve research reading habits, and improve your ability to apply research evidence in clinical practice.

Upcoming Journal Club

Tuesday, April 2nd

9:20 - 10:10 am

Room P231
NCMIC Center for Business Development

Donuts provided!

Discussion questions

  • What is the research question or objective of the study? What is the significance of this question?
  • What are the methods of the study? Do the methods of the study adequately address the question or objective?
  • What are the results of the study? Are the results reported consistent with the research question and methods?
  • What is the take-away message as communicated by the authors? Does the take-away message align with the research question, methods, and is it supported by the results?
  • Can this research be applied in the clinic or otherwise? In what ways?


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Jen Smith