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Neuromusculoskeletal System (NMS) I and II: Cranial Nerve Videos

NMS I Videos

These videos are for your review on how the test is performed.  The interpretation and diagnosis of all of the different findings will be discussed in class. Videos are copyrighted © 2008 by Palmer College of Chiropractic.  All rights reserved. Reproduce with permission only.  


Cranial Nerve I - Olfactory Nerve

Cranial Nerve II - Optic Nerve

Cranial Nerve III - Oculomotor, CN IV - Trochlear, CN V - Abducens

Corneal light reflex - This test is only testing CN III, IV, & VI

Pupillary light reflex - This test is only testing CN II & III

Cardinal field of gaze - This test is only testing CN III, IV, & VI

Accommodation - This test is only testing CN III

Cranial Nerve VI - Trigeminal Nerve

Cranial Nerve VII - Facial Nerve

Cranial Nerve VIII - Vestibulocochlear Nerve

Cranial Nerve IX - Glossopharyngeal, CN X - Vagus Nerve

Cranial Nerve XI - Accessory Nerve

Cranial Nerve XII - Hypoglossal Nerve