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B.J. Palmer: About B.J. Palmer

B.J. Palmer

B.J. Palmer portrait


September 14, 1882- May 27, 1961

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Bartlett Joshua Palmer, known to everyone as B.J. Palmer, took over the school in 1906. B.J. was known as the developer because he was a very charismatic man, a wonderful salesman and skillful orator and helped spread chiropractic worldwide through his outreach. He traveled around the world promoting chiropractic and he even hobnobbed with celebrities in Hollywood in the 1920s and 1930s.

He was also a prolific writer and started a printery right at Palmer.  He created the WOC (World of Chiropractic) radio station.  He was constantly battling with the legal and legislative obstacles to the licensing of chiropractors and the financial challenges of a growing chiropractic school. He passed away in 1961.

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