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New Books at the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library: Main: New models

New books and other materials at the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library: Davenport

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New models added in Spring 2022

New anatomy models available for In-Library Use

  • 5 part larynx and tongue
  • 4 stage hip model
  • 4 stage osteo shoulder model
  • 4 stage osteo vert model
  • 3x life-size functional model of the larynx
  • Complete digestive system model - 2/3 life size
  • Female skeleton with pelvic floor muscles
  • Functional hip joint
  • Functional human larynx
  • Functional shoulder joint 
  • Hand/wrist
  • Human elbow join with functional ligaments
  • Human heart anatomy model (2 times life size)
  • Human knee joint with functional ligaments
  • Larynx, trachea and bronchi
  • Liver with gall bladder
  • Lung anatomy model
  • Neck and throat model with muscles, veins and arteries
  • Median section of human head
  • Osteoporosis vertebrae
  • Rear organs of the upper abdomen


Select anatomical models available for in-library use