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Concussion Research: Library Books

Key Resources

The books about concussion referenced on this tab are available at the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library.

Recommend a Resource

Do you know of a book we are missing?  Would you like to recommend a book for the collection?  We welcome suggestions and evaluate them based on the library's collection development policy and budget allowance. 

Make your recommendation here.

Books at Palmer Library on Concussion

Here are a few titles available at the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library on concussion.  If a book isn't available at your campus, please consider an intercampus loan. Ask a library staff member on your campus for more details.

Brain & Its Parts

1306 Lobes of Cerebral CortexN

By OpenStax College [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Want a book that's not at your branch library?

Looking for a title that isn't available at your campus?  Perhaps the title you want is checked out on your campus.

Please contact your library staff and they can look into having it sent to your campus.