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The purpose of this guide is to provide one access point to current research and assessment tools on the diagnosis & treatment of concussions as well as resources we have within the Palmer Library.


The area of diagnosing and treating concussion is a highly debated and evolving science. 

Concussion symptoms present in four catagories:

  • physical symptoms (dizziness, headache)
  • cognitive symptoms (difficulty concentrating or remembering)
  • emotional/behavioral (depression, irritability)
  • sleeping (drowsiness, or an inability to fall asleep)

It can occur with or without a loss of consciousness.

Michael J. Tunning, DC, ATC, MS

Michael Tunning, DC

Michael J. Tunning, DC, ATC, MMEL
Assistant Professor, Diagnosis and Radiology Department
Palmer College of Chiropractic

(563) 884-5865

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