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About Special Collections and Archives: Policies

Page Overview

This page focuses on our policies.

Our policies include aquisitions and our collecting policies and rules governing the use of special collections and the reading room rules.

Contact us with any additional questions or to plan your visit to our reading room, located on the first floor of the Library.

Special Collection Policies

For a complete list of library policies, click here.

There are several policies concerning Special Collections, including:

  • Acquisitions for Special Collections
  • Rules governing the use of Special Collections
  • Entry into and use of College Archives.

Reading Room Rules

  • All belongings, including backpacks, are to be left in designated area
  • Sign in and out of visitor log book
  • No food or drink
  • Use pencil, not pen when taking notes
  • Keep all materials in original order
  • Be careful when handling fragile materials

B.J. Says Stop!

B.J. Palmer with hands up

B.J. says to stop and follow the rules when handling the materials.