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Staff Directory: Main Campus

General Contact Info

Main Campus: (563) 884-5641

Florida Campus: (386) 763-2670

West Campus: (408) 944-6014


Name Title Phone Email Campus
Vacant     Senior Director of Libraries     Main
Vacant Administrative Assistant        Main

Public Services

Name Title Phone Email Campus  
Vacant Head Librarian of Public Services (563) 884-5465   Main
Vacant Library Assistant (563) 884-5915   Main
Travis Lopez Web Content & Outreach Coordinator (563) 884-5671 TL Main
Julia Spanton Library Assistant (563) 884-5725 JS Main
Vacant Technical Library Assistant (563) 884-5209   Main

Technical Services

Name Title Phone Email Campus
Sandra Lewis     Head Librarian of Technical Services (563) 884-5443 SL Main
Michelle Janikowski Technical Library Assistant (563) 884-5529 MJ Main
Wendy McGuire Technical Library Assistant (563) 884-5440 WM Main
Gina Meier Library Assistant (563) 884-5651 GM Main
Beth Pfeiffer Technical Library Assistant (563) 884-5892 BP Main

Special Collections and Archives

Name Title Phone Email Campus
Rosemary Riess Head Librarian of Special Collections and Archives (563) 884-5894 RR Main
Pat Peters Library Assistant    (563) 884-5893 PP Main
Missy Wright Technical Library Assistant (563) 884-5893 MW Main