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Medical Apps for Mobile Devices: Drugs and Supplements


The purpose of this guide is to give you information and links to medical applications available for your mobile devices.  Use the tabs above to access these resources.

Free Drugs and Supplement Apps

Epocrates Rx includes drug interactions, pill identifier with pictures, & drug prescribing and safety information. Available for iOS & Android.

About Herbs, from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's Integrative Service, this app. contains over 200 monographs describing the use, adverse effects and interactions of various botanicals, herbs, supplements, and more. Available for iOS and other mobile devices.

Drugs Dictionary, friendly interface contains information on drug uses, interactions, side effects, precautions, and more.  Available for Android only.

Medicinal Plants & Herbs provides information on over 100 medicinally useful plants and herbs and which part of each plant is used for which disorder. Available for iOS, and Android.

LactMed comes from the National Library of Medicine's TOXNET database.  It provides information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers could be exposed and the levels of these substances in breastmilk and infant blood and possible adverse effects of these substances on nursing infants.  Suggested therapeutic alternatives are listed where available. Available for Android. Medication Guide contains a drug A-Z list; drug identifier through imprint, shape, or color; interactions checker; side effects and dosage information; and allergy and medical condition interactions. Available for iOS and Android.

PocketPharmacist gives summarized drug information on over 1550 medications available in the U.S. Also features Med Check for determining drug interactions, side effects and precautions and Med Box for organizing and setting reminders for medications. Available for iOS.

Fee-Based Drugs & Supplements Apps

Herb Guru contains complete information on over 100 medicinal herbs, including scientific name, parts used, internal and/or external uses, properties, dosage, warnings, and high resolution image. Available for iOS for $2.99.

Micromedex Drug Essentials provides comprehensive information on over 4500 search terms, dosage, interactions, adverse effects. mechanisms of action, contraindications, generic and trade names, monitoring and precautions. Available for iOS and Android  for $2.99 per year.

Supplements Guide features information on over 90 most well known and commonly taken supplements; natural sources for each nutrient, RDA or typical dosage; biological function and benefit of each nutrient. Available for iOS and Android for $.99.

Vitamins & Supplements contains over 12,000 topics which are searchable. Available for iOS for $7.99 and Android for $2.99.

Healing with Herbs contains information on herbal remedies for over 200 diseases. This includes a description, image, and therapeutic use of the herb, parts used, precautions, and dosage for the particular disease. Available for iOS for $.99.

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